How we work
  • We gather information about your business ascertain your requirements.
  • Model the space for coverage requirements
  • Specify speaker type, colour and wattage
  • Specify amplifier to handle specification.
  • Apply requirements to all Australian distributor brands stock levels.
  • Filter to availability, best value, quality, warranty and local support.
  • Present customer proposal with illustrated plan
  • Customer positive response
  • Commence project.

Why select a commercial qualityretail store music system?

With Background Music the idea is to attract, engage and sustain customers with your offering. The quality of the sound influences the perception of quality and value to the merchandise offering.

Choose music content relevant to the market you wish to attract to your merchandise. Not staff selections.

Play your background music at a comfortable-to-customers level.

Another essential feature of commercial grade retail store sound systems is that they need to be easy to install and operate – all of our sound systems are pre-configured before they leave our warehouse and are easy to install.