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How does the space affect your church sound equipment?

Any high performance sound system for a church needs to be designed for the actual space. For example, there are specific speakers for a church sound system that work well with spaces that contain a large amount of hard surfaces. This is because these hard surfaces will reflect the sound to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the amount of glass windows, tiles, concrete or wooden floors in the church, as well as timber pews and vaulted ceilings that are within the space.

Soft surfaces, such as large drapes, rows of padding on pews and extensive carpeting can also affect the quality of the sound in large spaces. All of this means that designing a sound system for a church is entirely different to designing the same system for a large retail outlet, shopping mall or restaurant.

How does your congregation affectyour church audio equipment?

It is the size of your congregation, along with the hard and soft surfaces within your church that will determine the type and size of the church audio equipment you will need. For example, a small church sound system is perfect for congregations up to around 100 people, whereas for congregations of 1000 to 2000 people, you will need a completely different type of sound solution.

All of our church sound system packages are designed and pre-configured to make their installation and operation a breeze.