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More about Kirby Productions

Hi, I'm Brian Kirby...
I've been obsessed with the pursuit of quality sound for over 35 years as a musician, producer and AV technician. Although technically trained, I'm not an acoustic are.

If it doesn't sound right to you, its not going to sound better to anyone else. Customers wonít tell you the sound is awful-they just don't engage. Over the years I've noticed the use of sound systems in spaces where people gather, more suited to the playback of a chime, siren or alarm sound, than background music.

Yet, they drove there with DVD's in their cars, a surround sound theatre system at home and headphones whilst they commute.
Their expectation of what sound quality is has dramatically increased. Retailers need to meet that expectation to provide a welcoming ambience to your customers.

Fidelity in the music playback at a moderate volume-whether the store is empty, or, at capacity. That sound quality transfers to your merchandise offering...implying quality and value to the goods and services on offer.

I'm privileged to lead a like minded team of professionals using the right brands, components and facilities to provide cost effective solutions to any sound or visual project.

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Specialist Sound Solutions – Sydney & Across Australia

As the leading Sound Specialist in Sydney, Kirby Productions provides specialist sound solutions across Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

All of our sound solutions are customised specifically for each client, optimised for perfect sound clarity and are ready to go - right out of the box. With more than 30 years’ experience in retail and commercial sound, we have the skills, knowledge and the passion to give you a quality sound system tailored to your unique needs.

Who can benefit from Quality Sound Solutions?

Our clients include restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, retail stores, large commercial buildings, office buildings and even churches. You might not think that the quality of your commercial sound system makes any difference to the engagement of your customers or patrons, but you would be wrong. This is because many of your customers already own a top of the range sound system at home or in their car and they recognise and appreciate quality sound when they hear it!

Retail Store Sound Systems

Shoppers appreciate good quality music when they are in retail stores and a high quality retail store sound system that is customised to your specific needs will help with customer engagement. Our multi-zone solutions are perfect for large retail stores.

Restaurant, Café & Coffee Shop Sound Systems

For restaurants, cafés and coffee shops, one of your priorities is a sound solution that offers high performance background music, whilst not interfering with your customer’s conversations. Our pre-configured and sophisticated shop sound systems give you complete control over your entire system, regardless of your audio source (iPods, iPads, MP3, Bluetooth, Multi-Disc CDs, etc.)

Hotel Sound Systems

Our hotel sound systems offer a multi-zone distributed speaker system with paging capabilities and zone control for a variety of sound formats that can be customised for specific areas. These areas include bars, washrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, reception areas and outside seating, lounging and pool zones.

If you are in the market for a commercial sound solution, Kirby Productions offers you a simple and easy to operate high performance system that can be tailored to your exact specifications.

To contact a Kirby Productions sound specialist in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, call us on 02 9659 8882 or complete our online enquiry form.

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