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An inexpensive ceiling speaker can be an open back speaker, usually supplied by Electrical wholesalers and used for paging, sirens and alarms. With little or no bass.

A Background Music (BGM) ceiling speaker is a full range speaker used for background and/or foreground music playback with enclosed back can, selectable voltage and warranted for five years.

We guarantee the manufacturers warranty against a manufacturing fault. We offer immediate phone support if there is a problem and follow through until the faulty unit is repaired or replaced.

The best advice is this…. confirm the order by signing and returning the proposal. We then commence your order by holding the equipment and price until you are ready to receive it. Payment however, is required before delivery.

If you’re having electrical work done before hand over, consider having your electrician install the BGM system as part of their scope of work. It saves the labour cost of another trade working on site, perhaps in confined spaces and our systems are dispatched and pre-labelled electrician friendly.

However, if you require BGM installation labour, call us and we will direct you to associates in each state and territory.