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Conference Room Equipment for Small Areas

Small conference rooms where a dozen or so people sit around a table or in chairs set out in front of a podium usually don’t require a specialist audio conference system.

For example, most built-in AV systems have the capability to project sounds from laptops and VOIP systems take care of conference calls.

Conference Room Equipment forMedium to Large Areas

When the size of your room goes beyond what is need for a dozen or so people to collaborate, you will need a high performance conference room sound system that is designed for large spaces. This can include a surround sound design with ceiling speakers that gives all participants an equal chance of hearing the presenters, regardless of where they are sitting.

The conference microphone system is yet another area that needs attention in large spaces. This is because the quality of the microphone can have a big impact on the quality of the audio, even when you have the best audio conference system installed.

Don’t forget that hosting a wireless microphone conference is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, however this requires conference room equipment that can handle wireless communications.