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Kirby Productions has become one of the leading sound specialist companies in Sydney, providing high performance commercial sound systems to clients across Australia, includingMelbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

As the brainchild of Kirby Productions, we benefit from Brian Kirby’s 35 years in the music industry, as not only a musician, but also as a producer and an AV technician. This extensive experience is the reason why our sound solutions are some of the best in Australia, because Brian understands that a low quality and poorly calibrated audio system can have a massive impact on the quality of the sound.

Business Specific
Sound Solutions

At Kirby Productions, and unlike many other sound specialists, we do not offer a one-size fits all sound solution. Instead, we give each of our clients a tailored solution that is unique to their business and the needs of their customers or patrons.

What Sound System Do You Need?

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Do you need a Hotel Sound System?

The Kirby Productions’ range of high performance sound solutions includes a hotel sound system that is pre-configured to your specific needs, making it very easy and intuitive to use. From day one your hotel sound system will be ready to go, right out of the box, and is designed to be easy to install and to operate. With a Kirby Productions sound solution, your hotel will soon be delivering high quality background music on a consistent basis to your patrons.

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Do you need a Retail Store Sound System?

A retail store sound system can include one or more zoning capabilities, so that you can customise the volume of your background music according to your customer’s needs. Our pre-configured and easy to install retail store sound systems give you the ability to customise your sound solution for increased customer engagement.

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Do you need a Café or Coffee Shop Sound System?

Small cafes and coffee shops don’t necessarily need zoning features, but they do need a sound solution that looks good, plays high performance background music and is easy to operate. This is why the Kirby Productions’ shop sound system solutions are ideal for smaller hospitality shops, because they offer quality sound at an affordable price.

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