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Kirby productions provides commercial audio equipment to a variety of organisations and businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. If you are searching for commercial audio equipment for sale in Sydney or across Australia, you can’t go wrong with our pre-configured, east to install and high performance commercial audio solutions.

What are Commercial Sound Packages?

At Kirby Productions our commercial packages include a commercial speaker system, as well as high precision sub woofers and amplifiers that deliver a customised sound solution for your business. You can have a combination of paging and background music, as well as multi zoning to enhance customer engagement.

For example, a company that requires an office sound system in Sydney might specify a multi-zone configuration, so that customers in their waiting areas and wash rooms hear a selection of background music, whilst office staff do not. On the other hand, a company that asks for a business music system in Perth might require a multi-zoning configuration so that their extensive retail areas receive background music, while their multiple POS areas do not.

What are the benefits of commercial audio equipment?

Selecting the right commercial audio equipment for your business can be hard work, because there are so many options available on the market. Without a doubt, you will want a commercial speaker system that provides crisp, clear high performance sound that is easy to install and easy to operate. At Kirby Productions, all of our sound systems are high quality and easy to install and to use.

We can all agree that commercial background musicis an essential component of your success. This is because it helps to enhance your customer’s experience - whether that is sitting in an office waiting room, in a bar, café or restaurant, even shopping in a retail store.

Hotels, cafes, coffee shops, airports, offices, medical centres, dentists, retail stores, churches and shopping malls – just about every commercial enterprise or organisation requires specialist commercial audio solutions.

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