Restaurant Sound Systems

At Kirby Productions we are well known for the quality of ourrestaurant sound systems. It goes without saying that the quality of your restaurant and café sounds can be one of the most crucial factors in building customer engagement and a positive customer experience.

As customers ourselves, we can all agree that the ambiance of restaurants and cafés plays a huge part in the whether or not we return, making the type of café or restaurant music system you select one of your more important decisions.

Many restaurant and café owners tend to forget that the quality of the music is important to their customers, thinking that their old sound system from home is more than suitable for the job. The problem is that a non-commercial audio system doesn’t provide the quality that is needed for such a large space, nor does it offer a number of essential features.

Why do you need a commercial sound system for a restaurant or café?

Apart from the quality of the sounds and the fact that a music system for a restaurant or café is designed to provide consistently high performance sound over large areas, you are going to need a zoning feature. This zoning feature is only available in a commercial café or restaurant speaker system and it allows you to alter the volume in particular zones.

For example, a sound system for a restaurant might have two zones –zone 1 being the entrance, POS, kitchen and washrooms, and zone 2 being the dining area. This allows you to adjust the volume in zone 2 (depending on the number of customers in your restaurant or café), whilst keeping the volume in zone 1 constant.

You will be happy to know that all of our sound systems for restaurants come fully pre-configured, so all you need to do is to install them in the appropriate locations and you are good to go!


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